movie review!

April 10, 2008

It is kind of early to blog about Orr’s review since we haven’t yet finished the movie but after reading the review and seeing a little bit of the movie, I think that he did an excellent job at reviewing the film. From the get go Orr had my attention. I really wanted to see the movie after reading it. It critiques the movie and gives details that maybe the reader wouldn’t catch in the movie or details they will only be familiar with while watching the movie. His use of metaphors and his diction made the review flow and captured me. I was also pleased that he mentioned the musical aspect of the movie.

In addition to that, in his review, Orr compares this movie to other movies like Gangs of New York. He explained their similarities to There Will Be Blood. He takes one topic and explains how the movies try to express an idea closely related to the topic. These are good qualities in a review so the reader can relate more to the movie and all of the things that happen in the movie better. I still have to view the rest of the movie which is somewhat confusing but I now have a basic understanding thanks to the review.


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