April 24, 2008

Say what you will about Kobe Bryant, (even though he is the best!!!) you can’t deny the man has some serious jumping capability, or “mad hops” as they say. But can he really jump over an Aston Martin DB9 Volante? More importantly, did he actually jump over it, or was it all a slickly edited fake? We’re skeptics, but what do you think?

1. this cant be real because with all the contracts and things Kobe is signed too they wouldnt allow him to do something so stupid. he cant put himself at risk like that when all these people are putting so much money into him (LOL)

2. on the other hand, Kobe is the man, and i would like to believe that this is real. he has “mad hops” and the A. Martin is pretty damn fast so OF COURSE he could jump over it. SHEEEEESH!!!


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