unit 4 paper–critique

April 24, 2008

its not quite finished but here is my review on the colorful movie Marie Antionette.alexmitchell-129


One Response to “unit 4 paper–critique”

  1. madina01 said

    Notes for Peer’s Oral Response

    Essay # __3___

    Writer: Alex Peer Respondent: Madina

    Instructions: Listen to the essay carefully. Take at least two minutes after the reading to complete the following notes, and then share your reactions orally with the writer. Submit the completed form to your teacher at the end of the Peer Response activity.

    (+) What works? (praise)

    Nice Comparison
    Good Summary with nice use of descriptions in setting
    I like the craft of the sentences.
    Good choice of vocabulary.

    (-) What Doesn’t (polish)

    Complete draft 

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