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April 1, 2008

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March 27, 2008

essay 2

the essay I have is a bit off topic, but here it is.

1. are my examples effective, do they help you understand the topic at hand?

2. what specifically could be improved?

3. whats the biggest negative and the biggest positive in my essay? how exactly should i change the negative and build on my positive?


  • facebook
  • Tommy Smolka
  • Malcolm Drewery
  • March Maddness
  • Georgetown Mens Basketball
  • Anthony Obi


  • a DJ living in the Washington DC area trying to make it big. He is young, fresh and driven. He left school last semester because he wasn’t happy there. He has since then enrolled in a local community college and is in pursuit of becoming a professional DJ.
  • a “fashionista” living in the St. Johns Dorms looking to become a designer or an editor of a high fashion magazine. She has an amazing blog and a great internship in the city.
  • a young bohemian living in the St. Johns dorms, in pursuit of becoming a free lance writer. A DC native who came to New York hoping to broaden his horizons and help push his career to becoming a writer.
  • A young up and coming rapper from Houston. He has been trying to get signed for a while and just recently has been signed and is on tour with another underground rap group called Supreeme. I’ve been following him for a few years now and i am always informed about what is going on with him. He has appeared (so to speak) on my friends radio show and is becoming more well known each day. FAT TONY!


  • DC. The nations capitol. a fast pace city where you can make things happen but its still tough because there are not as many resources as a place such as New York City.
  • Queens and Manhattan. A great place to get your writing career started. with so many resources around you what better place to come to look for an internship or job.
  • Houston. A great place to get a career in rap music started.



  • I consider this event interesting because I like hearing about people my age doing things that they only dreamed of doing. It makes me feel hopeful about what i may be able to do. I think others will enjoy reading this as well.


  • My audience is my classmates and friends. I think they would be interested in reading about some one so young doing something so “grown up” and tough all on their on. everyone likes to hear success stories, and these individuals are on there way to the path to success.


March 6, 2008

this is my first blog post.



I’m not sure what to write about right now because i missed class Tuesday, but I think I’m supposed to incorporate somewhere how i feel about using blogs in class. I think its cool that we get to use this as an alternative to blackboard or printing out assignments and handing them in. Blogs give us the opportunity to write more freely and less formal than on blackboard or any other regular assignment. Super cool.